The Staff

We apologise to our many clients we have had to cancel on due to the period of confinement sanctioned by the recent declaration of a State of Emergency in Spain due to the global pandemic of the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

We will be returning in June when the virus is put into abeyance by the summer heat and the Spanish government releases us from house-arrest due to the flattened curve and similarly flattened economy (which we have been writing about in The Telegraph back in the U.K.)

Once we have an exact date, and have found out about the extraordinary discounts airlines and hotels will be forced to offer, we will specify our own deals. In the meantime, to stay in touch hit the “Follow” button on the right hand side to receive email updates or drop us an email at

(Also, please do bear in mind the terrible price that horses and donkeys will bear for the hibernating Spanish economy – the queues outside the slaughterhouses in 2008 will be far exceeded this summer- and have a look at the Just Giving page here for our charity, EOCA, ‘Equine Orphans Of The Coronas Virus’.)

Alexander Fiske-Harrison & Klarina Pichler

Spring horse-trekking season now open

As recommended by the Daily Mail, online here.

Booking open for 2020 Spring season now.


(Also, visit our sister organisation, Polo Andalusia.)